Monday, October 27, 2008

Beauty and Brains - watch out Sarah Palin!


Let me just say that my heart completely melts into a soggy estrogenic mess while gazing upon the gloriousness that is the profile of Pakistani ex-cricketer Imran Khan.

And then I read this. Not only was I super-surprised - nay, stunned - that Imran Khan, super heart-throb and hazaaron dilon ki dhadkan, has such deep thoughts about these very intellectual things, but that his article actually reflects my opinions and experiences so much that it very well could've been written by me. Just goes to prove that we're soulmates (or involved in a Vulcan mind-meld).

But on a serious note, I'm very impressed. And surprised! This is Imran Khan we're talking about. Pretty boy and media darling. Who woulda thunk it?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Green is the new Red

Can someone please explain to me why Obama's choice of religion means anything in a presidential race? And why is the false rumour that he is a Muslim such a career-killer? What, is being called a Muslim now like being called a Commie? I've always known that of course there are ignorant people everywhere, but I didn't know that something so irrelevant to one's profession as someone's religion can be such a big deal in America. America of all places! Here I was going about feeling as equal as everybody else in my daily life in this country, even in post-911 America, but the day I got my first email forward from a friend warning me about Obama's secret Islamophilia, I've really not been sure how to feel, one, about why that friend decided to include me of all people on that email, and two, is that how people see me when they find out that I'm a Muslim? I thought people saw me as Khadija Ejaz, opinionated friend and blogger with a penchant for Italian food and 'I love the 80s' reruns on VH1. I mean, what!?

Everyone's talking about how noooooo, Obama is not a Muslim!! He's a Christian!!! Save the campaign!!! Please, like as if it's a disqualification. Why is no one talking about how shameful it is to even be using the word Muslim (or any other group classification) in the same tone as, say, witch or Nazi, or Nazi witch. What, is Muslim a slur now?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where's Khadija?

I thought I saw myself today
In the mirror on the wall
As I walked away

I thought I heard myself today
When I laughed till I cried
But my tears were grey

I thought I sensed myself today
In a dream I had
About yesterday

I thought I knew myself today
When I said something
That I used to say

I almost found myself today
So maybe tomorrow
If not today