Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dedicated to Utthara Nayar

I crawl into bed
Limp, soggy, molten
A sad little foetus looking for a womb

She covers the little creature shivering in the bed
With herself
And says No
I won't let them get you
Not today
Today you sleep
And fight tomorrow
Tonight I watch over you
They won't get past me
Here be dragons

With all my tears and fatigue
I'm so grateful

Gorgeous person of the day

So I'm shameless. So I sometimes start listening to a band just because of how a certain member looks. Like Michael Hutchence, for instance (hey, that rhymed).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is that a gun in your pocket?

The following is the hands-down best random friend invite I have ever received on any social networking site (the honour goes to Facebook). B.Boy Ayman sure doesn't beat around the bush. LMBO and I was howling out of laughter after laying my eyes on this gem:

"sorri, we havent mint b4 bt i dnt knw wat is wrrong wid my eyes i cnt take them off u...So, if u dnt mine can i knw ho is this beauty girl???"

Aw shucks, does he say that to all the girls?

Wait a sec, did he just call me a ho?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Children of Paradise

I dreamt of a garden of dreams
Where I sowed a seed
In the palms of my son and my daughter
Brother and sister
Eager to trust and learn
So I taught my son respect
For the women in his life
And for the unseen
And for silence
To my daughter I gifted acceptance
Of herself
Of freckles and flaws
Of action against lies
My children believed me
Every word I had said
So may they forever bloom
And save the world with their perfume
When they lose faith I will remind them
About the gifts I had given them
That strange day which was night
In the garden of dreams