Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poor girl

Little girl they've been lying to ya
Little woman they've been tellin you lies
That all things will work out great if your dresses match your eyes
When did you first sense betrayal
Did it hurt less later each time
When your matching bags and your matching shoes didn't make things fine
Little wallflower trained well to please
She tried harder each and everytime
Slashed words from her unique song when others couldn't hear it rhyme
Compromised in bits and pieces
But not sure why she's empty inside
Empty even though her agreeableness is famed far and wide
Asked someone whom she thought loved her
Felt she was dying as she smiled
But they said she was being difficult so she shut up for a while
Smiling like never before she lived
And grew numb some more inside
Never dared be branded difficult even though to herself she lied
A little girl grew old and bent
Twisted and bitter with lies
Imprisoned in a mold she can't believe they made her waste her life.