Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why I enjoy being 30

1. I trust my judgment and live by instinct.
2. I have learned to pick my battles
3. I now know what haircut suits my face shape.
4. I have figured out how to dress according to my body type.
5. I know what sort of makeup looks good on me.
6. I have become patient.
7. I have learned to forgive myself.
8. I know what shape of eyewear works with my facial features.
9. I can recognise my PMS symptoms.
10. I allow myself to be very selective about whom I let into my life.
11. My body has finally stabilised and stopped changing.
12. I once again look like how I did before puberty hit.
13. I know how to center myself and bring myself to peace.
14. I accept what I see of myself in the mirror.
15. I am comfortable with uncertainty.

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Priyanka said...

Lovely post, Khadija, almost works like a poem! Incidentally, I read this quote the other day: "They say, when you approach 30, you're young as a 20 year old and as wise as a 40 year old." Of course, ha, it's another story that these were the opening words of an article about an almost-30 year old fretting about her frown lines and contemplating Botox. Leaving that aside, like the ponder-worthy quality of the quote itself.

Oh, and hope you are well:)