Thursday, March 1, 2012

Other People

I could've told you that I love you
If we had been other people

That I crave seeing you often
And it bothers me that I do
I don't like it that I do

That I wish I could amuse you
And hold your gaze forever
Make you look at me forever
Or just a little longer

I don't know what it means

That I feel restless when you're out of town
Not that I get to see you much anyway
But your swagger is too much
It makes me shake my head in disbelief
It’s just too much style
And I can't take my eyes off of you when you start talking
What a performance
You’re on fire
I hold my breath
And wish you'd never stop
Your eyes blazed with something nameless I’ve also known

I believe in some things again
Because of how you've been
Because of the adrenalin
I enjoy that we don't agree on many things
But you listen to me still
And tell me what you think still

I like you in knit sweaters
I like that your nails are short
I like the veins on the back of your hands
How organised you are
And your wicked, wicked terrible wit
I want to hear you keep talking
I want you to keep talking to me

I feel shy when you speak Urdu
Or say my name right
And when you open the door for me
Or let me go first

I love that you're quirky
That you spaz out sometimes
I enjoy that I don't know what you mean sometimes
That your voice sounds like a breeze
That your voice sounds like the most crystalline thing I’ve ever seen
It’s been so difficult
I could've told you what that means

There would've been so much to say
If we had been other people
If we had been other people
If only we had been other people


Priyanka S said...

Incredibly powerful and beautiful, Khadija...especially the last quatrain

Anonymous said...

Very touching. I accidentally stumbled upon something you had written a while back... And Ended up following you on social media. Your writing is very mature foe someone so young.... Keep up the good work.

Khadija Ejaz said...

Thank you, Priyanka and I-wish-you-weren't-anonymous. Ah, life.