Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Rorschach

I have recently discovered the unexpected satisfaction that comes from cutting up boring magazines and other things and making something out of nothing. Fellow blogger and poetic prodigy Priyanka Sacheti inspired me to do it. I feel so proud of myself that it's a little bit silly. I don't think I ever felt this sense of achievement after either of my university degrees even. I think I shall make this cut-n-paste thing into a habit. It's even more fun in groups. Therapeutic like. Do you craft?

Title: Stickiness


Priyanka S said...

This comment can be hereby described as a collage of thoughts (I know, ain't I so witty:P

Oh! *blush*

Brilliant title...

I finish commenting on your fb dedication, suggesting the collage party and then find you mentioning that it's even more fun when done in groups over here! What can I say, great minds et al;) Let's plan...soon!

And linking yours to mine;)

Khadija Ejaz said...

You're so all over the place. :D