Sunday, May 10, 2009


I don't know when I got old
But I just didn't want to run
Instead I wanted to paint
But I'd always liked to paint
But then I'd started the race
And there were things to be done
On time
And when I realised it wasn't a race
That it never really ends
I stopped running
And I looked back
And I saw every person I had been
The strong opinions
I remember how it felt
The outrage
The loyalty
I don't remember why it was important
Because the world changed
While I was running
Things I swore by faded away
Now it's just me
And some other fools
Who used to be stubborn too
But now our muscles are gel
Thin skin on cold bones
Bones that used to grow and tumble
But one day we got old
And we stopped running
And the world stopped asking
So we sat down
Like you will too
When you realise you've seen it all before
That nothing's new
Not even you

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