Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Sphinx

Today she died
Her plans no more
But just in time
For she was done
But you can't tell
From how she looks
The dreams she hid
The hurt she bore
Each shrug a bruise
Each love a scab
She never told
No one will know
Under old skin
A five year old
A maiden pure
A woman soft
With cuts galore
The things she felt
The tears she bled
They gave her blame
Easy it was
For them to do
Fingers to aim
At this woman
We'll never know
The things they said
That weren't fair
Secrets she kept
Things left unsaid
Never revealed
Out of some fear
Or love too great
Or words too small
Or shame or guilt
That weren't hers
We'll never know
We'll never know
This woman's heart
This woman's life
Her world within
The way it was
When no one looked

Her time is done
God kissed her eyes
And freed her breath

Bid her farewell

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