Monday, March 22, 2010

Gorgeous person for the day

Ness Wadia, such a pretty face.

On the other hand, is it weird that when I searched for "Ness Wadia" on Google Images that 99% of the pictures that showed up had Preity Zinta with him? Only a handful were of him alone. Some pictures even only had her in it! That's gotta hurt if you're Ness and you're Googling yourself - dirty as Googling yourself may sound.

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N said...

Hi - the reason for this is obvious. It is Preity and her paid coterie of media that have been hovering around when she is with or around him so they can get pictures of them together. Which she can cleverly upload on the net to spread like wildfire. Bollywood women know well how to USE media and what better way to brainwash someone or brainwash viewers into thinking and believing something when flashed with pictures? Preity has been trying hard to prove she is fit for him and is doing so through the media. Whether Ness has the smarts to get all this or not is a different matter altogether. Time will tell.