Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little girls cry too

I see it
I see the hope
I see the message
I will not let the sickness that plagues me
Make me believe that this is all there is
That God has left me
That God does not listen
That God is not talking
To me
Talking to me all the time
Telling me to hold on
Hold on, little girl
Almost there, my little child
I'm here, don't give up
You cannot if you believe
That I am listening
That I am answering
Your prayers
In time
With compound interest
At the daily rate of tears
Divided by hundred
Multiplied by what you put in
Don't forget me, little girl
I am proud of your strength
For it is of me
The strength and the sight
The wisdom and heart
I whispered to you
The day you were delivered
Don't give up, little girl
You're almost there
You were never alone
I was there when you thought
You had been abandoned
Each time.

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