Friday, March 28, 2008

Fruit of my family's loom

My dad's family was never very rich. They were 10 children, the parents, and the household help in Lucknow in the 1950s. My father was the eldest, and took care of a lot of his family's needs once he got his job at 20 (he's been working non-stop for 48 years now). I once asked him what he did with his first paycheck. He said that he gave it to his mother and she excitedly splurged some of it on apples. Apples? Apples. Apples were expensive. My father was very happy that his mother was able to buy apples for his family with his first paycheck.

Made me think of when I was put up at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills this January as part of a Film Festival prize. They used 3 apples as decoration in every room, and they changed out the apples everyday. My guest and I felt guilty about their throwing the apples away everyday so we asked them not to.

Apples were expensive in the 50s.

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