Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dire Wraith

A finger crooks itself at me
In moments numb it beckons me
"Come to relief," it smiles and I
See fangs and glinting eyes that lie
"Remember me?" it smiles but I
Now see the spider tempt the fly
To nights of sleep and days of night
That once I pined with all my might
In depths of agony, despair
To rescue me, take me from there
The place where I could see no light
With eyes that endless tears would bite
In moments black it called my name
In echoes from what is insane
It whispered when I was awake
"Some pills, a cut, is all it takes"
The shadow lurks behind me still
I sense it waiting for a kill
Waiting, watching the very one
That fought, that lived, the one that won.

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