Saturday, January 16, 2010

River reed

A woman woke up near water

The grass was tall and swaying
The breeze was mint through leaves
The sky was blue as summer
The sun was felt unseen

Her eyes were loved and dreamy
Her clothes were loose and soft
Her feet were bare and healthy
Her skin was silk and free

"My skin feels silk and free?"
She thought
"I feel like I can breathe?"
She wondered where she was right now
And why she'd been asleep

"Where had I been before?"
She thought
No memories had she
But for a sense of misery
Before this place of peace

The breeze perfumed her untied hair
With bits of buds and grass
She touched her arms, a new delight
A thrill unknown before

The water of the lake nearby
It smiled
It chose
To remain still.

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