Monday, February 1, 2010

Demon on my back

It had been a busy summer. I was so glad. The past few months I had constantly had people to talk to, people who wanted to talk to me. My mother had been staying with me for a couple of months where I lived by myself in Tulsa, OK, USA, and seemed like every month I had a family gathering to fly to with her in some state or the other. It was the summer of sound, and I was so thankful, so grateful to be in it. I was tired but I was so happy to be around people who remembered me. A whirlwind of attention where I fit in.

The last family event, an out-of-state wedding, had wrapped up. My brother and his family had left for the airport with my mother early in the morning while I had been asleep in their hotel room. My flight back to Tulsa was later in the day. I opened my eyes, and I heard silence. It was back.

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