Monday, February 15, 2010

Cote d'Anu

Dedicated to Anupama Nambiar

Thank you for sitting here with me
Staring into the black sea not needing to say anything
Or saying too much but I know you won't avoid me next time
For being too talkative hormonal sensitive so weird
The obstacle course of adjectives they throw at you
Out there, a world of eggshells that breaks you
But I can stomp around you in well-worn shoes
Feet firm and kicking raising dust and grass
How I am how I feel how I always was jungle child
I look ugly today bad skin falling hair
Making mistakes don't know what to do
Emotional faulty scared sometimes-cute
Wouldn't dare unmask in front of others
But my friend wants nothing from me
Will still want to watch the black water white froth with me tomorrow

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