Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Freestylin' my rage

(Originally composed Tuesday, July 3, 2007)

Here's another, and yes, I am miffed.


I could wear high heels but I won't
I could use eye concealer but heck no
Maybe some straightener in my hair but no
Maybe sometimes but not everyday
I said no

Not all the time I don't want to
Are my eyebrows mirror images, I don't know
Do I pluck do I shave do I wax
Do I do it for you
Should I for you
I don't want to
I don't want to
Bugger off
I said no

It's not real
The perfume
The plaster
The paint
The grease
The lotion
The sexy walk
That goes tick-tock
What's real is the pain
The hurt and the strain
The cracks and the wrinkles
The future gray sprinkles
In my hair on my face
The strength of my back
That cries when I'm strong
When I still go on and on
The realness of what
Doesn't die when I hurt
It won't die when it hurts
That's what real
And I don't care if you can't see
What's real and what's not
Because it's time that I
Am apathetic
To you

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