Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey Priyanka

Dedicated to Priyanka Sacheti

Hey Priyanka did you hear
About the girls who'd died
But woke back up
What do you think the world will do
When the girls snap their fingers
And put on electric blue pants
And look 3 inches taller
What do you think Priyanka about that
Do you think it happens to everybody
Do you think life puts everyone to sleep some time
But only some remember to wake up again
Do you remember Priyanka what it meant to live
Was it wearing neon pants
Was it wanting more strawberry sauce on your cheesecake
Who put us to sleep Priyanka
What did all those years mean
What will we do now that we're awake Priyanka
What will the world do now that some dead girls have come back to life

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